DoubleVerify Adds Brand-Safety Solution To YouTube, Offers Turnkey Safety-Floor Option

DoubleVerify has extended its Brand Suitability Tiers solution to YouTube, and introduced its Brand Safety Floor as a turnkey option in its DV Pinnacle service and performance platform.

Brand Suitability Tiers, which became available to advertisers and publishers in January, allows brands to align suitability settings with their own standards. The solution is used by most DV clients now, according to the company.

Advertisers using DV will now be able to leverage turnkey brand-safety floor controls and brand suitability tiers across a wide range of digital channels, including YouTube, Facebook and the open web.

Integrating the Brand Safety Floor as a turnkey option in Pinnacle will allow advertisers to establish protection against the highest-risk content with the push of a button, according to DV, which reports that most advertisers opt to entirely avoid content categorized within that floor.

DV has also launched a new “death and injury” brand-suitability tier, adding additional controls over how advertisers can serve ads on inventory associated with those topics.



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