DoubleVerify's CTV Revenues Spike 89%, Integrates CTV Tech With Streamers

As connected TV revenues grew 89% year-over-year for DoubleVerify in the second quarter, the brand safety-focused ad technology and analytics company also announced enhancements for marketers looking to avoid unsuitable CTV/streaming content.

New video filtering will sift through more than 90 brand safety and suitability categories including crime, violence, copyright infringement, inflammatory news and politics.

DoubleVerify now says it has three Media Rating Council accreditations for CTV products -- including most recently its viewability and video-filtering service.

Other accredited services from MRC include fraud detection -- SIVT (Sophisticated Invalid Traffic) detection and filtration -- as well as a service for counting of impressions (display and video).

The company says its CTV technology has been integrated with Amazon, Roku and Hulu.



Overall revenue growth for the company climbed 44% to $76.5 million with cash flow growth -- earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA) -- rising 35% to $21.2 million.

The company says programmatic, CTV, social and international revenue were key business drivers.

Programmatic related revenues grew 57% to $37.9 million, while direct revenues gained 34% to $31.7 million and supply-side revenue, 35% higher to $7 million. DoubleVerify did not break out CTV revenue specifics.

The company also announced other CTV enhancements, including reporting on campaign quality and identify violations and in-flight campaign optimizations.

Mark Zagorski, CEO of DoubleVerify, stated: “Advertiser demand for transparency in CTV is accelerating.”

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