Interactive Video Tool Could Help Marketers Update In Real Time

Brands seeking to deliver interactive videos may have a way to do it with Idomoo. 

A new tool, The Next Generation Video Platform, allows brands to update videos in real time based on context and user input, Idomoo stays. 

Users can interact with video elements to trigger such actions as sending an email to jumping to another scene. In addition, they can click a product in a video, go to checkout or swipe to watch the next video, using a capability called Living Video.   

“Living Video revolutionizes video, giving viewers an interactive experience, just like they’ve come to expect from the web,” said Danny Kalish, Idomoo CTO and cofounder. “It closes the gap between a static video and the dynamic, up-to-date, contextual web.”

According to the company, viewers can become creators by customizing their video from the player and achieve viral social sharing, the company claims. 

In addition, videos can be updated in real time based on context, including the viewer’s location or live data feeds — for example, on retail inventory.  

Among other things, marketers can use videos to generate: 

  • Interactive mortgage calculators
  • Virtual storefronts that update dynamically with inventory 
  • Self-serve customer care solutions
  • Viral gaming campaigns
  • UGC year-in-review recaps.          


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