North American Email Volume Tops That Of The Rest Of The World: Study

North America sent 60.5% of the world’s emails from January to June -- more than all other regions combined. Yet engagement remained average, according to Winning With Personalization: 1H 2021 Email & Push Data, a study by Acoustic.  

Email sends surged in North America in March and May, and slid slightly in June. 

In contrast to North America, 10% of email volume was sent in Latin America and the Caribbean, versus 8% in Continental Europe, 5% in India and lower in the APAC region and other areas.  

Click rates fell slightly in North America in June, dipping below 2%. But they did not plummet as much as they did in Continental Europe.  

This report is based on analysis of the email and mobile push messages sent by Acoustic Campaign clients. Therefore, it does not reflect all worldwide volumes or results. 

That said, email is far dominant as communication channel -- triple that of mobile push, according to a study by Acoustic. Email volume peaked globally in March, dipped in April, recovered slightly in May and slid slightly in June. 

In general, engagement remained high worldwide -- with click-to-open rates starting to climb in March after a slight dip in February, reflecting growing consumer confidence. CTORs were highest in Continental Europe, although they fell to around 14% in June, down from around 16% in January. 

But Europe saw the biggest decrease in clicks, indicating that messages were less relevant or timely.

North American CTORs started off at almost 12%,well below Europe, and were similar in May before a June slippage. Clicks fell below 2% in June. North America seemed flat in terms of engagement.  

By industry, the highest open rates were consistently achieved by the Energy & Environmental sector, showing a high level of interest in the midst of wildfires and other natural catastrophes. Retailers sent the highest volumes. 




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