Digital Creatives Told They Can Make Money With Email Templates

CloudHQ is pushing what it says is a way for digital creatives to make money: Not NFTs, which are getting most of the attention, but email templates. 

The company has upgraded its Gmail Email Templates by cloudHQ, which now allow creatives to design and share their templates with one click, says Naomi Assaraf, cloudHQ's chief marketing officer.

"We recognize the need for great email marketing among small businesses, and we know that many creatives are looking for new ways to make money," Assaraf says.

Assaraf adds that "by enabling easier access to email templates, we're hoping it helps creatives find consulting jobs with small businesses who need their marketing and language skills."

cloudHQ plans to creating a marketplace for email templates in the near future to further “bridge the gap between supply and demand.” And it is offering a free basic plan for its Gmail Email Templates by cloudHQ, with a premium plan upgrade if needed. 


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