Dipsie Releases New SEO Tool

Search engine marketing firm Dipsie, Inc., today will release Dcloak, a product designed to optimize Web sites by helping search engines index "hidden" content on the sites.

"We're looking to solve the problem of exposing Web sites that weren't exposed to Yahoo! and Google in the past," said Dipsie CEO Jason Wiener. "Dcloak beta allows Web site publishers who don't currently have the ability... to now render out the pages that they have published on their site, and have the ability to have the best practices and search engine grading techniques to make sure those pages go to the top of search engine results."

Wiener said search engine crawlers often have trouble indexing pages that have flash animation or JavaScript coding. Dcloak automatically renders those pages in HTML, so that the bots can more easily crawl them--then publishes the pages to the Web.

When users find the "cloaked" pages using a search engine, they're directed to a landing page that states it has been re-rendered by Dcloak; that page contains a link to the original page, with all of the non-HTML elements intact.



In addition to the main function, Dcloak also provides a pair of services for paid search advertising. In addition to rendering pages into easily indexable versions, it can also suggest possible keywords for paid search campaigns. The bot also can visit competitors' Web sites to analyze their pages, and suggest keywords that the competitors might bid on.

Dcloak will begin in the market as a public beta, meaning that anyone who wants to try the product can do so for free, said Wiener. Starting in the first quarter of 2006, Dipsie will end the beta and begin to charge for the product.

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