Former PMI Execs Launch Agency Dedicated To Clients In Highly Regulated Industries

Two Philip Morris International veterans have launched a new digital marketing agency specializing in helping companies in highly regulated industries more effectively communicate with their various constituencies. 

And coming from the tobacco giant the executives—Jaime Suarez and Albert Moufarrij—know a thing or two about highly regulated industries. 

While the New York-based agency--which has been dubbed MACH9--is formally launching this week, Suarez and Moufarrij have been busy in recent months setting up the agency and prospecting for clients. They’ve already corralled a bunch in the nicotine, cannabis, alcohol, pharma and gambling categories, but decline to release specifics at this time. 

The founders believe their agency will meet needs unmet by most other Adland shops given  that brands in highly regulated industries often struggle to communicate and package their products online in ways that meet all the regulatory requirements and at the same time effectively engage with their audiences. 



“Spending more than 20 years on the other side of the fence, I realized that there was no digital agency offering the full range of services and solutions that understand the complexities that a highly regulated industry faces,” said Suarez, who serves as CEO at the new agency. 

Moufarrij, who serves as CMO added, “At MACH9 we’re focused on helping regulated industries navigate the cluttered environment of misinformation to control their narratives and be an active voice in global conversations in a socially responsible way.” 

Suarez served at Philip Morris International for more than a decade most recently serving as Chief Digital Officer before departing last December. 

Moufarrij was at PMI for six-plus years, most recently serving as global product marketing manager. He left in April to join the new endeavor.



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