Amazon Advertising Spurs Growth Of Dedicated Agencies

Selling successfully on Amazon can become complicated, so after years of experience selling on the marketplace, Canopy Management co-founder and CEO Brian Burt set out to develop a program to help others.

Canopy Management, an agency that manages services for brands selling goods and services on Amazon, will announce the launch of the Canopy Accelerator Program to help sellers across the marketplace.

Burt began selling on Amazon in 2014, with "a good amount" of success, but always found paid advertising difficult.

“Amazon is notorious for not giving you a lot of training,” he said. “You have to learn by losing money.”

He set out to help himself mitigate loss, and ended up partnering with Brian Johnson, an expert in the space and now a co-founder in Canopy. The two designed a course to help brands sell on the platform. The video course made $1.6 million in six day.

“At the end of the seventh day we hit $2.7 million on the course,” Burt said. “That was in early 2015.”

Since starting the business, Canopy launched Sponsored Products Academy, and shortly after it morphed into SPA 2 and then SPA 3. The training became known in the Amazon seller community, and the content attracted many people.

Now Canopy manages the accounts for brands that sell on the platform. 

"We don't take on every account that comes to us," he said, adding that the company represents more than 300 brands on Amazon. At least one a week gets sold. "They have to be doing a minimum of $30,000 in revenue from ad sales."

It’s difficult to definitively name the best Amazon advertising and marketing agencies in the U.S., but one thing is certain -- many have emerged in recent years to claim victory based on the growth of Amazon’s sales.

When Burt and Johnson decided to launch Canopy in 2018, it had sellers ready to provide blank checks to manage their accounts, Burt said. The community today consists of about 50,000 sellers through Facebook groups and emails.

The company started by managing only sponsored products, paid advertising, and then expanded into other areas including photography, copywriting, and 3D rendering.

“We’re at 109% growth in 2021, from 2020,” he said, declining to provide exact numbers.

The Canopy Accelerator Program consists of three parts:

  • Listing Creation and Optimization: Through creative, copywriting, photography and storefront design, CANOPY Management helps Amazon sellers create product listings that convert
  • Paid Advertising: As soon as the listings are ready to convert visitors, CANOPY uses PPC campaigns to increase traffic and optimize search results, harnessing Amazon’s algorithms to drive results
  • Amazon DSP: CANOPY helps its partners reach their customers via Amazon ads away from Amazon with constantly updated tech-enabled audience insights. CANOPY Management enables its partners to take advantage of this feature without having to make the usual $35K per month minimum buy.

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