Agency Labelium Play To Use Neutronian For Privacy Compliance, Data Verification

Chicago-based Ad agency Labelium Play North America has entered into a partnership with Neutronian, the independent data quality measurement platform, to score data quality & performance in digital brand campaigns.

The new partnership marks Neutronian’s first commitment to certify all data providers used by a marketing agency.

In June Neutronian announced the launch of a cookieless certification to verify digital advertising data as sellers are preparing to navigate the loss of third-party cookies. 

Labelium Play focuses high engagement platforms such as video, gaming and audio. The agency said its  partnership with Neutronian will ensure greater data privacy compliance and hopefully higher campaign performance.

“What Neutronian does will change the industry pretty dramatically, so being the first agency to work with them across all of our supply sources, and to customize a methodology for selecting and verifying data segments for our clients is a big deal for us,” said Clayton McLaughlin, Managing Director of Labelium Play in North America.



“Part of the methodology provides a full, transparent view into data providers, including verifying all sources, and making sure they’re privacy compliant. Then we continually analyze the performance of each data set relative to specific client KPIs and custom taxonomies to ensure our choices continue to pay off in-market. This will be a huge step forward in advancing transparency in our industry. To get a Neutronian certification, you have to pull back the curtain and say ‘this is how we do everything.’”

Timur Yarnall, CEO and Co-Founder of Neutronian added, “We are putting a line in the sand when it comes to data quality and asking data providers to demonstrate a level of transparency that is not common in MarTech today. Our certified data provider partners such as Ibotta, Affinity Answers, Bombora, Eyeota, and many others are thrilled that an agency is taking a public and independently verified stance to reward their investment in data quality and transparency.”  


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