Temptations Offers 'Tasty Human' Halloween Cat Treats

Mars Petcare’s Temptations brand cat treats is having fun this Halloween season, offering a limited-edition Temptations "Tasty Human" MixUps. 

The treats play into the age-old idea that if our feline friends were bigger, like their lion or tiger relatives, they might just try to sneak a bite of their owners. 

The limited-edition scary snacks, which are actually chicken, liver and beef-flavored, provide cat parents with a  fun way to treat -- and maybe even trick -- their pets this Halloween. 

The effort includes two 15-second sports from creative agency Adam&eve DDB London. Each features a cat owner, one in a bed and one in a bathtub, being watched ominously by their cat, whispering that if cats were bigger, they would try to eat their humans. 



"I'm sure every cat owner would agree that their cat can be unpredictable at times," said Craig Neely, vice president of marketing at Mars Petcare, in a release. "Knowing that our cats share some DNA with lions and tigers makes those creepy cat stares a little more ominous, and that's what inspired us to create this new product. It's a unique way to celebrate the Halloween season and make sure our cats have a more appropriate snack on the menu — hopefully.”

The videos will be shared in FEP and with paid social, and the campaign will be supported with PR. Through all tactics is the tagline warning cat owners to “Treat your cat to Temptations Tasty Human, before they treat themselves to you.” 

The effort follows the brand’s 2020 Halloween campaign, where they debuted “Scaredy Cat,” the first-ever horror movie for cats, and limited-edition Temptations Creepy Catnip Treats, which are available this year as well.  

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