Google Ads Combines Smart, Standard Display Campaigns

Google Ads this month will begin to combine standard Display and Smart Display campaigns into one option, the company announced Wednesday.

This option will allow marketers to choose the automation level when it comes to bidding, creatives and audiences. It also provides the flexibility to change automation choices at any time without creating a new campaign. 

Google Ads also introduce optimized targeting for Display campaigns. The goal is to replicate the experience of automatic audience targeting previously available only on Smart Display campaigns. This idea is to make it easier to reach new and relevant audiences to drive impressions, clicks or conversions.

Advertisers with advanced skills can add the manual audience-finding options from standard Display campaigns for greater control. They also can use the audiences in combination with optimized targeting.

“The campaign construction experience in Google Ads now gives you step-by-step guidance for each part of the campaign,” according to Google. “Instead of scrolling through different sections of the campaign, you can jump immediately to a section using the left navigation menu.”

Active Smart Display campaigns and standard Display campaigns can continue to run. Marketers can edit them if needed. And the automated targeting features are now available as optimized targeting.

When advertisers reach the “Targeting” section in campaign creation, they will see that the campaign is using optimized targeting.

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