Salesforce Offers Engagement Tools To Help Brands Build Personalization

Salesforce has unveiled several AI-powered integrations for Marketing Cloud to help companies humanize interactions with customers.

One new offering -- Einstein Engagement Scoring in Salesforce CDP -- allows brands to omit users who are not likely to engage with emails or mobile and choose other channels such as social media. 

According to Salesforce, the other new tools include: 

  • Datorama Connectors and Apps for Salesforce CDP and Interaction Studio — Helps marketers understand the business impact of their first-party, data-driven marketing and advertising
  • Interaction Studio Templates —  Extends personalization to customers via ATMs, point-of-sale systems, and call centers
  • Interaction Studio Integration with Experience Cloud Provides personalized web, mobile, and portal experiences based on real-time engagement
  • Interaction Studio Integration with CRM — Provides sales and service teams with visibility into customer behavior, segmentation, and next-best actions
  • Einstein Designer —  Creates relevant content with the help of AI in seconds using variations of available images, copy, and headlines



These new features build on the recently announced integration of Salesforce and Slack. 

According to the State of Marketing Report, a study by Salesforce, 60% of customers are open to the use of AI to improve their experiences. The top AI use cases are driving recommendations, personalizing the overall customer journey, and automating customer interactions. 

“Brands that have accelerated success during the pandemic are data-focused, embrace AI, prioritize privacy, and find agile ways to collaborate across their entire organization,” says Michael Kostow, executive vice president and general manager, Marketing Cloud, Salesforce.

Several Salesforce clients are taking this approach. 

For instance, HBO Max has added 14 million new subscribers in the U.S. and is now in 40 countries worldwide, utilizing a performance-driven marketing approach. 

Charles Navarro, vice president, marketing technology at HBO Max, says Datorama helps make data actionable by connecting reporting feeds. “With the ability to analyze the data at a granular level, we can test new tactics and campaign ideas to learn what works best for our different audiences,” he says.

Boston Scientific serves healthcare professionals and professions “and ultimately the caregivers and patients they serve,” says Danielle Comito, Global CDP Leader, Boston Scientific. Comito says Salesforce Marketing Cloud provides "a single view of each customer and can build deeper, more holistic relationships."

Denis Scott, vice president of growth marketing at Momentive (formerly SurveyMonkey), says: “Having all our data in one place means we can create smarter automations and rules to help us tailor our messages to what the customer wants and needs, ensuring they hear only the best, most relevant information."

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