Stensul Forms Integrations With Microsoft Teams And Slack

Stensul is offering integrations that connect its Email Creation Platform with Microsoft Teams and Slack.

These integrations allow users to create a marketing email in Stensul’s Email Creation Platform and then share it directly with “specific users or channels in each messaging platform for feedback,” says Noah Dinkin, founder and CEO of Stensul.

Dinkin observes that until now, “stakeholder feedback happened in separate, disconnected places from where an email was being created.”

The integrations with Microsoft Teams and Slack allow team members to preview, leave comments, tag colleagues, and approve or reject an email. In addition, users receive alerts when an email is pushed to an ESP or MAP for deployment. 

Feedback is “primarily shared via Slack and Teams,” Dinkin says.

Stensul’s platform also has guardrails that follow corporate brand guidelines automatically, the company says.  

Stensul’s other integrations include Adobe Campaign, Marketo and Workfront, Asana, Oracle Eloqua and Responsys, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Iterable, Braze, Liveclicker, Movable Ink, and Microsoft Outlook 

“As digital collaboration is now the default for everyone, we will continue to integrate our Email Creation Platform with more applications, beyond Slack and Teams, to enable creation and collaboration to live together, enabling everyone to do their best work by making content creation agile,” Dinkin says.



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