YouTube Claims Its Revenues Have Edged Past Netflix's

YouTube’s revenues across all of its services have edged past Netflix’s, YouTube’s chief business officer said during a Royal Television Society conference in Cambridge, England on Wednesday.

“We are roughly neck-and-neck with Netflix on revenue — actually, we are slightly larger and growing faster,” asserted Robert Kyncl.

Netflix reported year-over-year revenue growth of 24%, to $7.2 billion, in this year’s first quarter, and 19% growth, to $7.3 billion, in the second quarter, notes The Hollywood Reporter, which first covered Kyncl’s remarks.

YouTube reported 49% year-over-year revenue growth in the first quarter, to $6 billion, and 83% YoY growth in the second quarter, to $7 billion — but those numbers don’t include subscription revenues from YouTube Music and YouTube Premium.

Kyncl also claims that YouTube is now the world’s largest content licensor, including $30 billion paid to content creators in its partner program — who now number about 2 million — over the past three years.



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