Top Box-Office Revenues, High TV Ad Spend For 'Shang-Chi'

Walt Disney plowed more national TV dollars into the movie “Shang-Chi And the Legend of the Ten Rings” — and was rewarded with a third consecutive week dominating the top spot in U.S. box-office revenue.

“Shang-Chi” pulled in $21.7 million in box-office results, with Disney spending an estimated $1.2 million in national TV advertising -- 412 airings (318.5 equivalent 30-second units), resulting in 139.5 million impressions, according to

To date, the movie has earned $176.9 million in U.S. box-office revenue -- only bested in 2021 so far by the $183.2 million for Disney's "Black Widow."

“Shang-Chi” debuted on Labor Day.

For the week, Disney/20th Century Studio’s “Free Guy'' was in second place, taking in $5.2 million in box-office revenue, registering no appreciable national TV ad spend, but yielding 979,070 impressions.



Paul Dergarabedian, senior media analyst of Comscore, says of “Free Guy”: “An unbelievable sixth weekend drop of just 7% [in box-office revenue] reflecting continued positive word-of-mouth for the film.”

Of the films debuting this past weekend, Warner Bros. “Cry Macho,” a Clint Eastwood movie, took in $4.5 million in box office. Warner Bros. spent an estimated $1.4 million in national TV spend for the week -- 382 airings (268.5 equivalent airing 30-second units), earning 207.9 million in impressions.

“Copshop” from Open Road Films was next, with $2.3 million in U.S. box-office spend. National TV estimated spend was $3.2 million, 432 airings/235.5 equivalent airings, and 172.5 million impressions.

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