Microsoft Enables 'Purpose' Attribute Advertising

Microsoft Advertising has released attributes that allow businesses to demonstrate how their brand values align with the values of their customers, as well as how to show that companies are inclusive.

“These are the core building blocks to trust,” according to Microsoft. “Marketing with Purpose Business Attributes allow you to communicate quickly and easily how your brand is 'for someone like me'."

MJ DePalma, head of global multicultural and inclusive marketing at Microsoft Advertising, has been working on these types of projects for at least the past year. In a blog post, along with fellow colleagues, she explains that recognizing that these values drive value for both the brand and customers can build trust and inclusivity.

“Understanding and addressing what your customers value is inclusive marketing,” DePalma and colleagues wrote in the post. “It’s an approach that brings us together and highlights great aspects of your business, authentically. It establishes trust, increases brand love, and nurtures loyalty.”



There are 32 attributes within four categories of business based on Microsoft Ad’s research. Each supports building trust with brands such as responsibility, values, and inclusion. For example, attributes within Inclusion include Vegan, LGBTQ+ -friendly, Unisex, and Pet-friendly.

Attributes within the Environmental category include Eco-friendly, Carbon-neutral, and Sustainable. Attributes within the Community/Social Responsibility category include Cruelty-free, Non-profit, Supports a cure, and Local business. Attributes within the Accessibility category include Wheelchair accessible, Visual assistance, and Touchless pickup.

The feature is available at the account level for text and product ads.

Advertisers can add attributes to their accounts by navigating to All Campaigns, Settings, and then click on all attributes that apply to the account.

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