In Pfister Campaign Faucets Become An Extension Of Personality And Style

Pfister Faucets is out with an ad campaign from Irvine, CA-based agency SCS that focuses on personality and style to drive awareness in the highly competitive home improvement sector. 

The “Pfits Just Right” creative focuses on helping consumers see their world with Pfister in it – via modern, traditional and other Pfister collections. 

SCS’ Chief Creative Officer John Zegowitz explains that “Like so many things we buy for our home, our personal worlds, we understood that whether people are renovating or replacing, they’re creating extensions of their own personalities and styles.” 

The campaign is designed around the unique styles and situations of the characters portrayed in the creative. One ad features a modern kitchen with a vintage twist while another showcases an artist’s bathroom designed with simplicity in mind. The ads feature Pfister collections suited to the characters and their different personalities in each ad.     



In one spot for its Port Haven sub brand, bright hues fill the screen in a kitchen scene where “Suzanne,” in a vivid yellow and white flower-print sleeveless dress dances and prances as she puts the finishing touches on a freshly made pitcher of lemonade. Meanwhile the narrator explains that “while you might not find one uniquely styled Pfister Faucet that fits everyone, you’ll find one that fits you just right.” 

Each Pfister design is aligned with unique creative that also supported the brand’s overarching ethos, said Zegowitz.


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