Volvo Collaborates With Footwear Company

Volvo Cars is teaming up with sustainable footwear company Casca.

Inspired by the electric Volvo XC40 Recharge, Volvo and Casca have launched a limited-edition sneaker as a symbol of support for World Car-Free Day, which was celebrated Sept. 22. 

Leveraging technology and recycled materials, the shoe is intended to help people live a more sustainable life and move fluidly between driving and walking, according to the automaker. 

While it might seem counterintuitive that an automaker would be supporting World Car-Free Day, Volvo joins several who are making efforts to be environmentally aware.

World Car-Free day was established to bring global awareness to the significance of reducing air pollution and encourage a more active lifestyle. 



Volvo Cars recognizes that it is critical to protect the planet, whether it’s taking the small step to encourage those to walk or cycle on World Car-Free day or making the choice to drive an electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle., per the automaker. 

The automaker and the shoe company embody similar values and share their passion for sustainability, technology, and great design, per the companies. Ten percent of each sole is made from recycled car tire -- the first time this material has ever been used in a Casca show as part of an intentional repurposing and recycling of materials.

The sneaker, which is rooted in “conscious design,” can be purchased ($168) at

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