Why Madison Avenue Will Be Clenching Its Fists And Grimacing 'Newman!'

Madison Avenue, prepare to clench your fists and grimace, "Newman!," as you are targeted by a series of B2B ads from ad tech firm Cheetah Digital.

The spots feature actor Wayne Knight, best known for his role as Newman on iconic sitcom "Seinfeld."

Knight appears to be channeling that character -- or at least his trademark sarcastic characteristics -- in the ads, which are available on YouTube.

In one (embedded above), his character walks viewers through the aspects of zero-, first- and third-party data and how it can be used to target people, consumers or trade professionals alike.

"The reason for this campaign and the solution," notes a Cheetah Digital spokesperson in her pitch, "In our annual survey of more than 5,000 global respondents, Cheetah found that 70% of consumers do not trust social media platforms with their data because of privacy issues, and 37% regularly delete cookies altogether."

To address this, she says the underlying message of the campaign is that Cheetah Digital "advocates for zero-party data" provided voluntarily by users.



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