How About Some Diesel Pine Scented Disinfectant To Go With Those Jeans?

This is a truly odd commercial for the clothing brand Diesel, but then what would you expect? Past Diesel ads have celebrated stupidity and have evoked death

So Diesel’s latest ad, via Publicis, shouldn’t be too surprising. In the ad, a twentysomething consumer enters a Diesel store. A closed-circuit camera shows him walking in and then scanning the shelves. One strange thing: every item, from a disinfectant to a loaf of bread to a can of soup, is labeled “Diesel.”  



Things get weirder. We then see a woman with red skin trolling the aisles, and then someone licking the closed-circuit camera.  

The surrealist, Warholian approach is in keeping with the brand, which has maintained the same vibe since the '90s. The brand’s most-recent campaign before this one featured models going about their daily activities while sporting freakishly large smiles.

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