Belliotti Named NA CEO At MassiveMusic

MassiveMusic, a specialist shop that helps brands and ad agencies optimize their use of music and audio, has appointed Joe Belliotti CEO of its North America operation. The role is new. 

Belliotti is the former head of global music at the Coca-Cola Company. After nearly eight years at the company, he left in 2017 to co-found The Music Division, which helps brands optimize music strategies. 

In January he joined Songtradr, a B2B music licensing platform, which acquired MassiveMusic in June. At Songtradr, Beilliotti was senior vice president, brand solutions. 

As NA CEO Belliotti will oversee offices in New York and Los Angeles. The firm helps amplify brand content and experiences with custom music packages, helps develop music partnerships for brands and provides music licensing services. 

“Our ultimate goal is to continue to simplify the complexities of music and sound for CMOs, brand teams and their agency partners, and help them create impact,” said Belliotti. 

Based in Amsterdam and headed by CEO Hans Brouwer, the agency also has offices in London, Tokyo and Berlin.





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