ActionIQ Releases B2B Customer Data Platform

ActionIQ, an enterprise customer data platform (CDP), on Thursday will introduce a business-to-business (B2B) edition of its platform.

The growth of self-service options and the ability to interact across many channels prompted the company to build a better customer experience for B2B marketers.

“Highly personalized experiences are tailored to the individual receiving them,” Justin DeBrabant, vice president of product at ActionIQ, wrote in an email to Search & Performance Marketing Daily.

Similar to business to consumer applications, there is a push for B2B brands to drive more consistent and relevant customer experiences.

ActionIQ B2B CDP -- the new platform -- leverages anonymous customer and account data to build a 360-degree view of the customer.

The actionable insights from the new solution enable B2B enterprises to execute more effective account-based marketing (ABM) and prospecting, account conversion and onboarding, as well as account growth and retention programs.

“Onboarding a new B2B client requires educating not only the day-to-day users of the product or service, but also their bosses and the executive buyer,” he explains. “These are radically different customer journeys, but when done right can increase new account retention and growth.”

Several B2B clients have been testing the ActionIQ B2B CDP. Some are seeing operational improvements, and campaign lead times reduced by more than 60%. For some customers, the cost per acquisition was decreased by 20% as well by reducing wasted ad spend.

The ActionIQ B2B CDP UI is built for marketers to use self-service for their own intelligence instead of submitting IT requests. It also has machine-learning capabilities to design and deploy predictive models into a campaign for better recommendations.

One of the biggest benefits of the ActionIQ B2B CDP is connecting the acquisition and post-acquisition customer journey to personalize the full customer lifecycle.

Other benefits include integration with data marketplaces to improve on an organization's first-party data with more than 300 validated third-party data attributes to improve profile intelligence. The platform also injects faster and higher-quality intelligence into the B2B marketers’ hands, according to DeBrabant.

The platform also adapts to performance marketing. It is fully integrated with ActionIQ‘s CX for Advertisers solution, which supports performance marketing as web-browser cookies become obsolete.

When asked to cite the biggest challenge in converting this into a business application, DeBrabant said “B2B business models are inherently more complex because they include accounts, plans and individual users.”

B2C brands typically have one representation of the customer -- or for subscription business, they may have both accounts and individuals.

He explains that the complexity extends into the data and operations needed to map across these different dimensions, and have very different experiences for individuals within the same organization.

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