AR Platform Turns Beverage Cans Into Brands

Swigr is an augmented reality platform that allows beverage brands to capture the attention of consumers through labels on cans and bottles.

With the ability to attach social media, authentic content, 3D elements, direct sales capability, and even games, Swigr’s mobile AR aims to make it as easy, and attractive, as possible for brands to boost their products.

Statista estimates that the number of people using AR technology on their mobile devices worldwide will be 2.4 billion by 2023 -- up 2.2 billion from 200 million users in 2015. 



Capitalizing on the growing trend in mobile AR usage is Swigr’s parent company Immertia, which generally specializes in the development of augmented-reality packaging. Winerytale is another Immertia app that utilizes the same concept for wine labels.

What makes Immertia’s apps so palatable is likely the accessibility offered directly to the brands. On Immertia’s Facebook page, they write: “If you can use social media, then you can use our apps.” 

To use Swigr, brands sign up for an account, upload an image of a regular label, and add content through a basic browser.

The platform itself will take the content a brand provides and transform it into an AR experience. Every identical label will be animated, 24/7, for as long as the account is valid. 

Brands are then able to add content –– storytelling, social, promotional –– and sell directly from their AR label.

Regularly changing out this content seems relatively simple as well.  

The “Buy Now” button included in the app may be the most attractive aspect for brands and marketers, making it easy to direct customers who are already consuming a brand’s product  to their website, or retailers nearby. 

Swigr also allows brands to track their results on the app with a built-in reporting system. 

Pricing ranges dramatically depending on how many labels a brand wants to include (up to 5) and how many potential scans of those labels by customers (10,000 scans per label are included in each plan). 

Within the past day, Swigr has also added AR gamification in the shape of retro classic, Space Invaders. Now, when consumers buy a canned or bottled beer with a label connected to Swigr, they will be able to fend off aliens via their smartphone screens.

In a recent statement, the company stated that “Invaders” is aimed at boosting engagement specifically from the Millennial male segment. 

Preaching the game’s “virality and addictive nature”, Swigr has set up the opportunity for users to have their initials light up on the scoreboard. Brands are able to personalize the game with customizable colors and icons, continuously reminding the consumer what brand they’re supporting.

“Innovative and simplified platforms that allow for easier connection between brands and customers are a crucial component to the ongoing success of any brand, even more so across the beverage industry given the disruptive influence the pandemic has had on the way people socialise,” said Dave Chaffey, founder and strategic development lead at Swigr, in the same statement.

Swigr is set to release other games this year. 

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