After A Slow Period, D2C Marketers Increase CTV/OTT Spend

Although direct-to-consumers (D2C) marketers’ spending on CTV/OTT has been slow of late, according to a recent survey, it is expected to rise in the first half of 2022.

The expectation is that 10% of D2C marketers' budgets will go to CTV/OTT platforms in 2022 -- with 8% going to linear TV platforms, according to a survey from Direct Remedy, an ad-tech company, in partnership with Dynata, a first-party data platform.

The biggest piece of D2C media dollars for these marketers will continue to be in the areas of search and social media -- a 25% share. This is followed by print, 15%; display, 12%; mobile app, 11%; CTV/OTT, 10%; digital out of home and digital audio -- each with 9%; and linear TV, 8%.

The survey did not disclose specifics of recent D2C advertising spending.

As for CTV/OTT, 43% plan to spend more, with 3% spending less. Those with an overall, undetermined media/marketing budget -- 29% say they plan on spending on CTV/OTT some time in the future.



What would make D2C marketers spend more on CTV/OTT? Nearly 50% of respondents say that offering “brand life measurement” by platforms would be a big motivator.

The survey was conducted in August 2021 via Dynata’s online panel and media executives of various-sized companies that sell products or services to consumers. Dynata clients include more than 5,500 market research, media and advertising agencies, publishers, consulting and investment firms.

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