Yahoo Finance Broadens Live Summit Audience

Yahoo Finance is reaching into Asia with its 2021 All Markets Summit: The Path Forward, a two-day event that starts Monday.  

This year’s summit will be broadcast into several Asian markets, including including Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore via Yahoo TV. It will be hosted in the U.S. from the Nasdaq for the second year.  

The program takes place as Yahoo has seen +43% growth in its  Gen Z audience and +28% in its female base. This reflects growing focus onmoney management and personal finance, and a “spiking interest in crypto,” says Joanna Lambert, president-GM, Yahoo. 

Yahoo offers email newsletters including The Yahoo Finance Morning Brief and the Yodel, a product for Gen Z that includes “financial news, need-to-know news of the day and funny gifts and stories,” Lambert says.  



Moreover, Yahoo is “experimenting in how we can reach those audiences in places like Tik Tok, Facebook and Instagram,” Lambert adds. The platform has iOS and Android apps.

Including its vast retail investor audience, Yahoo Finance now claims 3 million+ followers. Its social-media audience includes 1.08 million followers for YF Instagram, 659,471 subscribers for YF YouTube, 1,19 million followers for YF Twitter and 1.1 million for YF Facebook.  

Yahoo also offers services such as Yahoo Finance Plus, a digital subscription that with multiple tiers, offering perks, discounts and curated material. 

In general, Yahoo serves an audience of almost 900 million, offering both original and curated content. 

The speakers at this year’s All Markets Summit include:

Gary Gensler, Securities and Exchange Commission Chair 

Dr. Vivek Murthy,U.S. Surgeon General Vice Admiral 

Gina McCarthy,White House Climate Advisor 

Albert Bourla,Pfizer CEO 

Jane Fraser,Citigroup CEO 

Eric Yuan, Zoom CEO  

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