ActionIQ Launches Real-Time Customer Experience Platform

ActionIQ, an enterprise customer data platform (CDP), today announced the general availability of ActionIQ Real-Time Customer Experiences (RTCX).

The platform gives brands the ability to personalize customer experiences based on all available data -- real-time and historical -- not just a sliver of information at any given time. 

“Conventional real-time customer data platforms and marketing clouds collect and activate in real time, but have no ability to analyze and make decision on the full customer profile,” said Justin DeBrabant, vice president at product at ActionIQ. “Conventional analytics offerings can model customer behaviors and provide predictive insights, but have no ability to activate experiences in real time.”

He said this means marketers can leverage everything they already know about an individual, layer in real-time contextual information, and then decide what is the best experience, if any, for them in-the-moment.



It creates much more intelligent and helpful experiences for their customers, which in theory increases engagement, loyalty and lifetime value.

Relying on a variety of data, an entire customer profile, allows marketers to make more informed decisions, rather than guess-work, with the goal is to increase customer loyalty, retention and lifetime value. It fully integrates real-time data collection, analytics and activation in one solution.

Early tests improved customer experience around a variety of user-triggered events, such as abandoned shopping carts, account updates, new registrations and more, according to the company.

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