Google Pilots Free Airport Web Access

In another move to bring free Web access to consumers, Google late last week began providing net-connected laptops for travelers' use at London's Heathrow Airport. The company currently has bids pending to provide free Wi-Fi access to San Francisco and Mountain View, Calif.

At Heathrow, the Internet-ready lounge, dubbed Google Space, is intended to provide passengers who are waiting through layovers or flight delays with access to the Internet. The lounge is staffed by Google employees who will provide assistance and advice to the Google Space users. Google Space will be active in Heathrow until Dec. 17.

Separately, Google is currently testing a new layout of its search engine results page, adding a new sponsored links area at the bottom of search results, apparently for commercial searches.

Separately, Merrill Lynch analyst Lauren Rich Fine issued a report Monday stating that despite Google's soaring revenues, its stock price might not hold. Issuing a rating of "maintain neutral with anxiety." "[R]isk is obviously heightening and this stock is not for investors with a weak stomach," she wrote.



One reason for the squeamishness is that Google is "still a one trick pony," with virtually all revenues coming from search ads. "The current valuation seems to presume a new revenue stream; soon would be good," Fine wrote.

Since going public in August of 2004, Google's stock price has shot up from $85 a share to more than $400, boosting the company's market capitalization to nearly $130 billion.

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