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Purists Rejoice: Skittles Brings Back Original Lime Green Flavor

  • Slate, Thursday, October 28, 2021 5:54 PM

Just in time for Halloween, Mars announced last month it is changing its current green Skittle flavor (green apple) and going back to its original iteration (lime). “In 2013, somebody at Skittles had the bright idea to mix up the original bag of chewy fruit pellets by swapping out the flavor of their green Skittle,” per Slate. “Bidding farewell to reliable lime, Skittles hopped on the green apple wave, embracing a noxious and overpowering flavoring that was seeping into every corner of the fruit candy market at the time. Instead of considering how their candy is consumed, Skittles chose to chase the zeitgeist. And with this one choice, they utterly destroyed the integrity of their confection.”



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