November Is National Impotence Month: Are You Vaccinated Yet?

If you’re male and totally unmotivated to get a COVID-19 vaccine, how’s this for motivation: COVID can render you impotent.

That’s the message in a new PSA from Urologists United For Vaccination Education who point to recent studies that men who’ve had COVID are six times more likely to develop erectile dysfunction.

The ad, created by ad agency Quality Meats, opens (subdued piano music is playing in the background) with a series of men talking about their first erections. “They’re all special in their own way,” says one.

“I guess you could say they’re a pretty big part of my life,” says another.

"Saturday Night Live" alum Tim Meadows then appears, noting that “if I couldn’t have them, it would be devastating. And kinda boring.”



A real urologist then delivers the news about studies showing the COVID-19 and ED link.

“I’m sorry, what?” interjects Meadows. Then he looks directly at the camera and addresses the unvaccinated: “What are you guys doing? Go get the vaccine! We’re talking about your future boners here, OK?”

“I mean I would cut off my own dick to protect my future boners,” adds Meadows. He rethinks that last statement, admitting it didn’t make sense -- and then adds, “You know what I’m saying.”

The ad ends with three urologists making their case: “Trust us, we’re penis doctors.” A graphic flashes on the screen with a call to action to visit for more information.

Quality Meats not only created the ad, it helped found the urologist organization behind it. “We originally approached government agencies and brands with the idea, but realized it would be most powerful and credible coming directly from the experts, specifically experts of the penis," said Brian Siedband, Quality Meats Co-Founder/Creative Director. 

"And knowing it’s a sensitive topic for any traditional organization, we decided to create one ourselves, contacting urologists one by one. They’re all so passionate about saving penises, it didn’t take much convincing,” added Gordy Sang, also co-founder/creative director at the agency. 

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