Entering The Confection Category, OKRP Gets Nerdy

Ferrara has named Chicago-based agency OKRP as its advertising agency of record for its Nerds brand, following a review. 

The agency will handle advertising and activation initiatives for Nerds' expanding portfolio. The brand has taken its nostalgic mini-candies and created new and popular varieties such as Nerds Gummy Clusters, Nerds Ropes, Big Chewy Nerds and its latest Nerds Candy Corn. 

“OKRP really understands the fun, colorful nature of our brand, and how to activate on the delight of eating our growing Nerds portfolio,” said Joey Rath, brand manager for Nerds Candy at Ferrara. “We are excited by this new partnership and the opportunities to build even greater awareness and engagement with our consumer.” 

OKRP will introduce a new brand platform for the products in early 2022. It’s the agency’s first assignment in the confections category. 

“Nerds plays to our sweet spot – a fun-loving brand that inspires joy,” said Tom O’Keefe, CEO of OKRP.




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