Third-Party Cookie Deprecation Could Reduce Workforce

Lotame on Thursday released findings from a survey of more than 200 U.S. publishers and advertisers fielded in September 2021.

Findings from Lotame's survey suggest 48% of publishers think they will likely need to reduce their workforce due to revenue loss brought on by third-party cookie deprecation -- an interesting but disturbing finding.

Most know that cookie deprecation will hurt revenue, but I'm not sure how many have considered how it will reduce the workforce. Forty-two percent of marketers say the loss of cookies will decrease revenue, with nearly 57% expecting a drop of between 10% and 25%, and 31% expecting a drop of between 26% and 50%.

Some 48% of publishers anticipate having to reduce their workforce due to revenue loss brought on by third-party cookie deprecation.

While 52% of marketers say their primary reason for adopting new identity solutions is to support audience targeting, 59% of publishers say the main reason is data privacy.



When asked what the optimal number of ID solutions was, 33% of marketers either cited it as three, or said they were “open to using any number.” Similarly, 33% of publishers said they were “open to using any number,” and 28% said two

Across all respondents, when asked to react to Google’s decision to delay the end of third-party cookies, 47% said they were “glad because we needed more time to prepare,” while 42% said they were "expecting them to delay.” Some 40% said they were "suspicious of the reasoning behind it.”

The industry is concerned about Apple taking on privacy. Some 41% of all respondents said they are “concerned for the impact on email hash identifiers,” while the same number said “I'm concerned for our ability to monetize our email channel.”

Sixty-three percent of respondents cited email-based identity solutions as the most popular choice when asked what types of ID solutions marketers and publishers were planning to test in the next six months to one year. Some 49% cited contextul, followed by 30% who cited cohorts, and 29% who cited probabilistic. 

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  1. Craig Mcdaniel from Sweepstakes Today LLC, November 4, 2021 at 7:30 p.m.

    I might be disliked for being on the side of the cookie removal, the sweepstakes I publish, the sweepsptakes entry produces far more informating that a cookie can obtain if the sponsors are smart. Most of the Fortune 100 consumer brands has already shifting to sweeps to build their own databases. What the future holds is how much the internet powers will charge for data from just a few sources? I'll place my bets that data will become very costly in little over a year.
     "What do you want to win?"

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