Partnership Expands Content, Ad Opportunities For Interactive Golf-Cart Network

Out-of-home content management system Edison Interactive (EI) is adding ad-supported streaming TV channels from Atmosphere to an interactive-screen platform featured in some 33,000 golf carts at 360 U.S. golf courses.

EI manages the platform, called Shark Experience Presented by Verizon.

Atmosphere’s 54 channels — some original, some created with partners like Red Bull — are licensed for commercial venue use, and claim to reach more than 17 million viewers per month in public places including hotels, restaurants and gyms, according to the company.

Content ranges from extreme sports to nature videos, and advertisers span a variety of categories, including OEM and beverage brands.

“Atmosphere offers a new type of video experience, featuring channels that are designed to be enjoyed with or without sound -- so golfers can watch without disturbing other players on the course,” says EI CEO and co-founder Jeremy Ostermiller.

Shark Experience offers advertising sponsorships, tailored packages and takeovers, according to Ostermiller.

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