TikTok 'Creative Exchange' Aims to Connect Brands With Top Creators

On Thursday, TikTok took on the challenge of creative collaborations by unveiling a new platform that aims to connect advertisers with top creators, who will then help personalize content to improve ad performance. 

Advertisers will first submit a brief to communicate their content needs to potential partners. Then, from a platform-curated list, they will select the creative partner that suits them best.

From there, advertisers have the ability to manage their project directly on the platform by inviting collaborators, providing feedback, launching campaigns and viewing performance insights.

Finally, they will load their final creative into TikTok Ads Manager and launch their campaign.

Creative providers who have been assigned a project will receive an email notification with the option to accept.

From there, they can discuss the brief with the client, invite their colleagues to be collaborators, and upload creative concepts and outputs to the platform. Once the campaign is live, advertisers can invite creators to view performance data. 

The first phase of Creative Exchange is available to a select set of advertisers, but others may sign up for a “pilot package” that is free and includes a variety of offers -- including two creative concepts, curated music, brainstorming sessions with partners, a round of revision post-production and creative assets. 

According to a recent statement, TikTok is looking for applicants in North America and Europe who are planning to launch campaigns in November-December 2021 and are willing to be included in case studies, among other things. 

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