The Hottest Keyword Among Big Brands Is 'Keywords,' Literally

“Keywords” have been climbing the charts since mid-October, according to Bombora Company Surge. Identifying the right keywords is an essential step in today’s SEO process. With more audiences self-directing their own digital journeys, keywords can help you study your audience’s behavior – their pain points, interests, and queries – by offering glimpses into their minds. 

Understanding the rationale behind a search will also help you create content that satisfies buyer intent. The onus is on marketers to create content that answers the questions real customers ask — and drive them to your site. 

I often write about the growing interest in intelligence. Last week it was Artificial intelligence for IT operations, or AIOps for short. With the right data, intelligence can improve business processes in a multitude of ways. 



Forrester predicts the consolidation of revenue marketing teams will be a trend we see more of in coming years as demand teams realign their approach to embrace customer centricity and journey analysis. It’s no surprise then, that intent data shows that marketers have also been reading up on “amplified intelligence,” a term that refers to the effective use of information technology in augmenting human intelligence. 

With personalization strategies failing to meet ROI goals, Amplified Intelligence has emerged as the smart approach for companies needing help when applying deep and rigorous attention to data. It can also free up time for more valuable activities and find new find opportunities that may be hidden in your business data.

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