Liveclicker And Phrasee Form Integration To Drive B2C Personalization

Email personalization platform Liveclicker has formed an integration with communications firm Phrasee that will allow users to generate B2C marketing at scale without sacrificing their brand voice, Liveclicker says.   

The goal is to create “a single, user-friendly hub for email marketers to make it easy to access the very best content and capabilities for their campaigns,” states Kenna Hillburn, chief operating officer at Liveclicker.

Now available within Liveclicker’s new Integration Hub, the Phrasee integration helps marketers validate email content and CTAs and create relevant campaigns more quickly within a single workflow, the firm says. 

“It’s no secret that marketers are dealing with increased workloads — and they’re being asked to do even more today with strained resources and smaller teams,” observes Victoria Peppiatt, chief revenue officer of Phrasee.

Liveclicker, a CM Group brand founded in 2008, provides email personalization solutions for B2C marketers. It was integrated with sister brand Sailthru earlier this year. 

Phrasee provides language optimization technology. 


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