Meijer Shows The Heartland A 'Perfect' Thanksgiving, Warts And All

What a difference a year makes.

For Thanksgiving 2020, retailer Meijer Inc. showed quiet, immediate-family gatherings in a year when so much had been taken away from society by COVID-19.

Nonetheless, those get-togethers still encouraged thankfulness “not so much for objects or things, but more for each other,” as seen in this somberly voiced commercial.

Fast-forward to this year and what Meijer says is the “Perfect Thanksgiving.”

What’s so perfect about this holiday in this almost-post-COVID period?

Lots more human contact—for better and worse.

This 60-second spot from The Distillery Project opens with an image of a jammed highway. Then people look at the camera and explain the sources of their gratitude.



It’s not their health.

“I’m thankful for being able to travel on the busiest day of the year” says one smiling motorist.

For a teenage boy, it’s preparing a mountain of toasted bread crumbs for stuffing -- while for a younger lad, it’s “going back to Grandma’s house” as she tugs his cheeks with vigor.

Things get zanier as people jostle elbow-to-elbow at the dinner table.

“I’m grateful for every mysterious lump in this gravy,” and for “all of Uncle Roy’s stories” are two tongue-in-cheek responses.

Four men passed out on a couch represent the opportunity to finally watch a football game together.

“Family life has never been perfect, but after so many of us were unable to gather together last year, we have a heightened appreciation for our families—warts and all,” The Distillery Project chief creative officer John Condon tells Marketing Daily.

The spot ends with a mention of the Meijer hunger-relief program Simply Give, which since 2008 has generated more than $65 million in supplies for local food pantries.

In addition to digital platforms, the spot is running on cable and network television in the Midwest, where Meijer operates more than 258 supercenters and grocery stores.

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