Paramount+ Adds A Record 1 Million Subscribers In A Week

ViacomCBS’ Paramount+, its streaming video platform, posted its best week since the premium streamer was rebranded and relaunched early this year, adding 1 million new subscribers.

The boost was thanks to a highly touted new TV show from the creator of “Yellowstone” and a simultaneous streaming-theatrical debut of “Clifford the Big Red Dog.”

By way of comparison, all ViacomCBS streaming platforms -- including Paramount+ and Showtime -- pulled in 4.3 million new subscribers over a 12-week stretch of the third quarter this year.

During its third-quarter earnings release, ViacomCBS said all its streaming business -- including Showtime -- totaled 47 million subscribers globally. The ViacomCBS company does not disclose total subscribers for individual streaming platforms, including  Paramount+.

Over the most recent month-and-a-half period, Paramount+ amped up marketing efforts -- particularly around the new original, exclusive show “The Mayor of Kingstown,” which came from the co-creator of the Paramount Network show “Yellowstone.”

The new series had the benefit of six weeks of ViacomCBS spending $3.2 million in national TV advertising, as well as placing TV promos on ViacomCBS networks with a media value of $4.9 million. Total effort pulled in 626.9 million impressions.

Total Paramount+ national TV spending over the same period came from $5.7 million in national TV spending with media value, from promos on ViacomCBS TV networks, at $11.9 million.

Separately, “Yellowstone” on the cable TV Paramount Network started its fourth season on November 7, posting a massive 14.7 million viewers, according to Nielsen’s live program plus three days of time-shifted viewing. This was up 66% from Season Three premiere.

Viewing here came collectively from four ViacomCBS networks: Paramount Network, CMT, Pop and TV Land. The Paramount Network, just for “Yellowstone,” was up 60% to 10.5 million viewers versus Season Three.

Since October 29, the network ran 3,145 promo and advertising airings for “Yellowstone” -- $4.1 million in estimated national TV ad spend and $2.9 million in estimated media value from Viacom TV networks, grabbing 782 million impressions, according to

Paramount+ relaunched on March 4, 2021, rebranded from CBS All Access streaming service.

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