New Digital, Media Services Network Conspires To Bring Fresh Thinking To Clients

The fifty-eighth anniversary of John F. Kennedy’s assassination seems like a good day to launch Conspiracy Theory, a woman-led, minority-owned network of agencies and businesses who provide digital and media solutions for clients who need fresh thinking. 

The network, based in Los Angeles, was founded by Zihla Salinas, Daniel Weisinger and Brick Rucker. Conspiracy Theory’s “co-conspirators” include Unfold, a digital creative agency focusing on entertainment brands, Mondo Robot, a Boulder, Colo.-based digital product agency and new media agency Modern Formula (MoFo). 



Combined, Conspiracy Theory shops will bring together a suite of specialty services and industry veterans. The group’s motto: “Amazing alone. Powerful together.” 

Salinas, previously the global CEO and CMO of ENGINE, a full-service media and marketing services company, said there is no precedent for Conspiracy Theory, “However we are not blind to the successes of other networks. We focus on learning from these successes and heeding the warnings of their shortcomings.” 

She added that the industry has needed diverse perspectives for some time now. “We all recognize that the traditional models are not adapting well to the changing times. It is through the demands of a pandemic-driven marketplace that we were able to find the opportunity for Conspiracy Theory to launch. There has been a lot of growth in the past 12 months, and it is through this exciting new era that we have been able to find our footing.”

Conspiracy Theory is focused on marketers. “Our ideal customers come from across the marketing landscape. We build bespoke solutions to meet the needs of client challenges and sometimes those challenges come from CEOs or CTOs or digital leads or even sales departments. What makes our solutions truly modern is our flexibility. We are lean and able to work around client needs.” 

Modern Formula (MoFo) is a new full-service media agency that creates customizable solutions by balancing the needs of intelligent strategy, data-driven insights, and innovative creative ideas. 

Modern Formula founder Jessica Gilhooley has more than 16 years of marketing and advertising experience and a passion for Media. She has held the role of Director of Media at Red Interactive and VP and Media Director at Ignition. Most recently, she was the Director of Media Planning at The Walt Disney Company and oversaw media planning & buying for ABC, Disney Channel, Disney XD, and Disney Junior. 

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