Upgraded Email List Tool Offered On Salesforce App Exchange

Email marketers can segment their lists based on a customer’s engagement across hundreds of brands -- not just their own -- using ListFit, an upgraded tool offered by AudiencePoint on Salesforce App Exchange. 

The capability allows marketers to see a subscriber's “preferences and patterns in an entirely new light they simply can't get on their own," says Paul Shriner, co-founder of AudiencePoint.

This, in turn, helps brands “understand their subscribers at much deeper levels,'' adds Woodson Martin, GM of Salesforce AppExchange.

Powered by AudiencePoint's email engagement data pool, ListFit identifies “the addresses on your list who are actually engaging with other senders similar to you,” the company claims on the AppExchange.

The firm can determine whether an email address is real and active, and “algorithmically predict future behavior,” it adds. 

The company also offers engagement scoring, email verification and deliverability analysis, including the best day and time to send an email and how many to send a consumer before burnout.  

AudiencePoint says it has built 500 million privacy-compliant subscriber profiles.

ListFit can help brands boost re-engagement and re-activation campaigns, while improving their sender reputation, it adds. 



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