'Washington Post' Taps Miki King President As Arc XP Digital Solutions Platform

The Washington Post today named Miki King president of Arc XP, the cloud-based digital experience platform serving more than 1,900 websites in 28 countries. King will provide strategic, financial and operational leadership to a cross-functional team of hundreds, including technologists, engineers and sales representatives.

King, who previously served as president of Genius Media Group, will report to Publisher-CEO Fred Ryan and Chief Information Officer Shailesh Prakash, beginning Nov. 29.

This new role reflects the rapid growth and evolution of Arc XP, a multipurpose digital platform that enables content creation, subscription management, ecommerce and multimedia entertainment. The business has seen significant momentum, according to TheWashington Post.



Software-as-a-service revenue was up 100% last year, and overall revenue is expected to triple in the next three years, with robust hiring underway. “Being a good tech partner is critical to the success of Arc XP, and Miki brings years of experience building effective, lasting enterprise relationships," Ryan stated. “She is a proven leader and extremely knowledgeable about brand and audience dynamics, and we are thrilled to have her return to TheWashington Post to take on this pivotal role.”

Added Prakash: “As Arc XP continues to grow rapidly, Miki’s strong track record of creating quality solutions combined with her business development expertise makes her a great asset for both the team and business. Miki has a forward-looking mindset that is fundamental to Arc maintaining its competitive advantage in the marketplace.”

King said Arc XP is an engine that drives modern business with the ability to meet the unique needs of enterprise brands across industries, telling their stories at scale and creating compelling experiences that drive engagement and conversion.

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