Mind Your P's And Q's: 4 Ways To Improve Your Email Results

Looking for ways to pump up your email results as the holidays approach? DesignRush, a B2B marketplace, polled several experts on best practices: 

Resend to Improve Engagement

"Don't be afraid to send the same email twice,” states Renita Williams, CEO of The Marketing Pug. "If you're experiencing low open rates, one of the easiest things to do is to send the email again with a different (and hopefully better) subject line. The key here is segmentation. Make sure you are only sending to people that didn't open your last email."

Test the 4 Key Elements

“We focus on four main elements: Ui, inboxing, subject lines and clickthrough rate (CTR) of the email itself,” states Affan Vohra, digital marketing manager at Think Orion. "We are constantly optimizing these four elements, as that will get us the best results for our clients. With the advent of the dark theme, we now need to be careful with the colors we chose in our email campaigns. The rest are all industry best practices." 



Subject Lines Can Make Or Break Open Rates

“They say that first impressions are everything, right?” states Emily Lenning, CEO of Blossom Marketing, "That's why your subject line should entice your customers to open and learn more. Having a sale? Make a catchy line about the sale — puns are king! The next impression is even more important. Are you grabbing their attention to click? Does your email get straight to the point?"

Too Many Visuals Can Bury Content Below The Fold

"We’ve seen time and time again that companies accidentally bury their most important content with flashy graphics or walls of text,” states Jono Diener, creative director at KARMA jack. “Get to the point, have a clear CTA, and remind people why they follow you. Give them a reason to click."



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