'Euronews Culture' Launches, Structured Around 5 Senses

Euronews, a French-based pan-European TV news network and site, has launched its fourth vertical, Euronews Culture, highlighting the artists transforming the Continent's cultural landscape.

The new vertical explores film, painting, literature, music, architecture, photography, gastronomy and fashion. Rather than focus primarily on traditional perspectives, the platform includes conceptional, video, digital, installation and street art.

Its twist: Euronews Culture is a multisensory experience built around five themes: sight, touch, hear, taste and smell. A new video series, “Creators,” will profile Europe's top designers, artisans, performers and producers, giving an inside look at their singular craft.

“It is thanks to the arts that we are able to understand the complexity of human nature: Creators are uniquely positioned to showcase or indeed lament our contradictions, our joy and sorrow, our peace and distress,” said Jez Fielder, managing editor.



The business side of culture is also a priority. Specifically, how creators are transformed into entrepreneurs who own their brands. The platform pushes a “creativity in action” ethos with ongoing news and an opinion section.

The vertical expands Euronews’ current cultural coverage, incorporating some of the company’s existing series, including “Cinema,” “CULT,” “Scenes” and the podcast “Cry Like a Boy.”

Social-media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram augment site efforts. A weekly newsletter, sent each Friday, will curate the best original stories, alongside a roundup of culture events in Europe.

“Our vertical will inspire readers to go beyond conventions and embrace creativity in action. All kinds of art forms, all kinds of artists and all kinds of trends are welcome in our vertical,” added Fielder.

Part of the vertical’s brand extension is a new European cookbook, “The Kitchen,” providing recipes from European chefs who explain the history, tradition, ingredients and techniques behind their signature dishes.

The launch of Euronews Culture is part of the company’s strategy to enlarge its digital offerings and allows the art community to share their views.

Euronews claims 21 million followers/subscribers on social-media platforms and an average of 23 million+ unique monthly visitors on its website and app. Euronews says its digital audience reaches more than 150 million monthly users across connected devices.

Other digital titles in its stable include Euronews Green, Euronews Travel and Euronews Next.

The NBCUniversal News Group bought a 25% stake in Euronews in February 2017 for $30 million. It sold its stake to Media Globe Networks in 2020.

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