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Mars Wrigley Prescribes Gum To Navigate Awkward Holiday Encounters


As gum sales begin to recover from their pandemic plummet, Mars Wrigley wants people to chew Extra before they respond to awkward moments when families are together for the holidays.

The “Chew It Before You Do It” campaign from Energy BBDO is not only Extra’s holiday campaign, but its theme throughout 2022.

So what qualifies as chew-worthy situations?

For one man in this spot—which is devoid of voices—it’s happily opening a gift only to find a book titled “Don’t Worry. You’ll Find Love. Inspirational methods for enduring loneliness.”

Or it’s listening to a relative’s unamusing jokes while forcing a smile, or seeing a love interest’s doll-strewn bedroom for the first time.



“After much time apart, there will be no shortage of opportunities for awkward moments,” Mars Wrigley brand manager Natalie Malone tells Marketing Daily.

“After a year hiatus, this holiday season is expected to be exceptionally unique for many as families and friends gather—with their rusty social skills and all—for potentially the first time in nearly two years.”

As an added incentive to gum-sharing, Extra is giving away “button” devices that dispense the brand at the dinner table and other locations. They can be obtained through Dec. 17 by tweeting #ChewBeforeYouDo.

“The purpose of the button is to offer a lighthearted opportunity for consumers across the country to actively take a pause during the holidays to think, chew then do,” adds Malone.

The gum category was severely impacted by COVID-19 because of fewer social occasions and trips to retailers and travel venues.

In retail outlets tracked by NielsenIQ, dollar gum sales declined 21.2% in 2020—with regular and sugar-free and regular down 17.7% and 21.8%, respectively.

In the 46 weeks ended Nov. 20, dollar sales of gum rose 1.6% led by sugar-free (+1.7%). Regular gum was up 0.9%.

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