Doner Sets Up "Creative Commerce" Agency In Toronto

Stagwell’s Doner has created a new agency based in Toronto called DonerNorth by combining two existing MDC Partners units: ad agency Union and shopper marketing specialist 6 Degrees. 

The new “creative commerce” agency will be led by various executives, including Catherine Marcolin, who serves as president and was a principal in Union, and Lance Martin, Chief Creative Officer-co-founder of Union. Adrianne Caffney Wotherspoon, former managing partner at 6 Degrees, is Chief Strategist at the new entity. 

“Consumers cycle through living, shopping and purchasing moments more seamlessly than they ever have before,” said Wotherspoon. “An agency that marries data, strategy and insights to drive impactful commercial communications is not only a unique but necessary partner in a post-COVID and soon-to-be post-cookie world.” 

The move marks Detroit-based Doner’s return to Canada. Prior to being acquired by MDC nearly a decade ago, the agency had a major presence in Toronto for 30 years serving auto, healthcare and retail clients. But the office hit some bumps in the late aughts and shuttered in 2011. 



Over the past year, Doner, Union and 6 Degrees have worked on shared clients, including Johnson & Johnson. 

“I couldn’t be more excited to be back in Canada,” said David Demuth, CEO of Doner and the Doner Partner Network. With the new agency, he added: “We are graduating into something that smartly addresses where the puck is going and not where it’s been.”




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