Ryan Reynolds Says, 'C'mon, Advertising Should Be Fun' In New Campaign For MNTN

Marketing software platform MNTN (pronounced mountain) today launched a new service called Creative-As-A-Subscription, with separate versions for agencies and brands.

The launch campaign for the new service includes a full-page ad in Monday’s edition of The New York Times in the form of an open letter from actor/entrepreneur Ryan Reynolds.

Reynolds was a co-founder of Maximum Effort Marketing which MNTN acquired earlier this year. As part of the transaction Reynolds became Chief Creative Officer at MNTN.

“I love ads,” Reynolds writes in the NYT ad. “At their best, ads—like movies or TV—can provide a brief moment of escapism.” He surmises that everyone can probably name at least one ad that they love.

But at some point, Reynolds wrote, the ad-making process became “over-burdened. With layers. With cost. With overthink and expectations.”



The MNTN platform, he said, is designed to make advertising “simpler, funner and faster.” And the new Creative-as-a-Subscription services is a “simpler new way to get your media and creative together.”

On its website, MNTN declares, “If your clients believe TV ads are too costly and time consuming to produce consistently,” the new service can help.

“We’ve bundled creative and media together in a first-of-its kind offering that fast tracks creative output and delivers a steady stream of high-performing TV ad creative.” The platform is designed in part “to keep up with the inventory explosion brought on by the rise of streaming TV.”

In the pitch to brands on its site, MNTN states, “By simply doing what you were going to do anyway – spend money on media – you can now also get custom-made, high-performing TV creative. Instead of paying production costs, your creative and media are bundled together into an easy, affordable, and effective way to advertise on television. And with packages to fit every budget, any brand can quickly launch multiple ads that are simple to make, easy to test, and proven to deliver results.”

There’s a demo on the MNTN website.

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