CX Measurement Isn't Just About CX, According To New 4As-Ogilvy Report

The 4A’s and WPP’s Ogilvy have issued a new report looking at evolving consumer experience practices, which are seen as increasingly important given elevated customer expectations in the digital age. 

The paper has been issued in advance of this Thursday’s CX Effect+, a virtual event hosted by the 4A’s that explores the latest in consumer experience design and the role that CX can play in boosting growth at businesses. 

The event’s speaker roster has drawn a number of senior industry executives including Jon Cook, Global CEO at WPP’s VMLY&R who will talk about the agency’s own CX practice and how its driven growth for the agency and clients. 

Another keynoter is Becky Getz, head of CX operations at Amazon AWS. 

Oracle’s Jim Sink, P&G’s Benjamin Spiegel and Dentsu’s Jennifer Clarke will also present. 



The 4A’s-Ogilvy paper addresses key points for CX measurement success including clearly articulated goals. The paper also concludes that it’s important to use of both quantitative and qualitative CX measures. 

CX measurement isn’t just about CX, per the report: “Clearly there is value to CX measurement beyond just improving your CX. The practice of using data and measurement to identify and explore both customer and business opportunities can yield important insights related to the CX as well as other areas of the business.” 

Also, consider data across stakeholders: “It may seem logical to focus CX measurement on what you believe to be the most frequently interacted with channels or touchpoints. However, customers expect exceptional and consistent experiences across all their interactions with a brand. While they engage with one touchpoint more frequently, they may more heavily weigh the impact of a less frequently used touchpoint.” 

Also important, per the report, is to understand that measurement “isn’t one and done; it must evolve to stay relevant.”

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