Naomi Osaka's Kinlo Brand Launches New Ad Campaign

Tennis star Naomi Osaka's skin and suncare brand KINLÒ is out with a new branding campaign from Brooklyn, NY-based agency Kin.

The suncare line is designed for people with melanin-rich skin. The campaign “The Way We Glow,” will begin rolling out this week in a series of films and images that highlight the importance of “celebrating your unique identity, beauty and caring for your skin,” according to the agency.

The brand initiative was developed to educate those with melanin-rich skin on the importance of sunscreen and to introduce an expanded line of products that include a hydrating face oil. 

Advertising for KINLÒ features Naomi and other fitness enthusiasts who enjoy the outdoors. Through a series of vignettes, they share their personal stories and their need for skin care specific to people of color. 



They also speak to misinformation that suncare is not essential for BIPOC communities and the challenges of finding proper suncare specific to their skin's needs -- as opposed to manufactured products that leave a whitecast. The agency cites research that the mortality rate for Black Americans with melanoma is three times higher than that of white Americans, due to the fact that it is generally detected at a more advanced stage. 

“The purpose we landed on for KINLÒ was to elevate the value of people of colors health and beauty,” explained Sophie Ozoux, co-founder of Kin. “This brand is about being proud of your heritage, who you are and the things that make you different. Naomi is the perfect leader and evangelist for this story and her product.”

The brand’s name KINLÒ is derived from both the Japanese and Haitian word for gold, a nod to Naomi’s multicultural heritage.

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