2021's Worst Holiday Gift: 'Non Fungible Thoroughbreds'

Do your kids want a horse for Christmas?

Disappoint them with “Non Fungible Thoroughbreds,” a new gift initiative from VisitLEX.

The lineup includes 10 digital images “that look absolutely nothing like the beautiful analog horses that actually live in Lexington, the Horse Capital of the World,” according to a press release from VisitLEX.

The initiative, created by Cornett, Lexington, Kentucky, offers pixelated squares of analog horses from Lexington. 

“For a fraction of the cost of a real pony, you can buy your little helper one of these pixelated square JPGs of something that looks vaguely equine,” the release continues.



Of course, you can't ride, pet or feed any of the NFT horses.

“NFTs are definitely hot right now,” said Gathan Borden, VisitLEX vice president of marketing. “But they are no substitute for the real deal. You might not be able to get your kids an actual pony, but that doesn't mean you have to disappoint them. You can give them an experience they’ll never forget with a convenient, affordable trip to Lexington to see the finest thoroughbreds in the world.” 

As the world goes wild for NFTs, it’s nice to see at least one marketer goofing on them this holiday season. Maybe the image of the girl’s disappointed face when she sees the NFT — instead of a real horse — will find its way into an NFT.

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