PlantBaby Debuts Plant-Based Kiki Milk For Kids



Hawaii-based PlantBaby believes children should not be left out of the all-things-plant-based movement.

The company describes its recently launched Kiki Milk as the first certified-organic, clean-label and dairy-free milk designed to meet the nutritional needs of growing children.

Kiki Milk is the offspring of PlantBaby co-founders Alex and Lauren Abelin, whose son was born averse to dairy and soy products. As explained in this video, the Abelins couldn’t find milk that was nutrient-dense but did not contain additives and fillers.

Available in eight-ounce original and chocolate varieties, Kiki Milk’s ingredients include oats, sprouted pumpkin seeds, hemp seeds, coconut and Aquamin—the trademarked name for a range of marine minerals.



“In my 15 years of experience working with families, I’ve seen a cultural shift away from dairy to alternative milk,” PlantBaby pediatrician advisor Dr. Joel Warsh said in a news release. “However, I’ve noticed that the plant-based milk options available tend to be designed for adults and often lack proper nutrients to support the long-term health of children.”

Right now, the company is exclusively D2C via its website but in early 2022 will launch on Thrive Market as well as Pop Up Grocer in Miami.

“In spring of 2022, we'll be featured in Pop Up Grocer's first-ever permanent location in Manhattan,” a company rep tells Marketing Daily. “We're also considering Amazon, Good Eggs Farmstead and more online marketplaces in 2022.”

As for retail distribution, “Woodlands Market in the Bay Area is on the top of the list, and we're considering many other natural grocers around the country. We do see Kiki Milk thriving in larger retail chains like Whole Foods, Target and Costco one day as well.”

PlantBaby’s long-term plans envision a portfolio of plant-based foods, beverages, formulas and supplements.


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