Nancy Pelosi's Husband Buys Google, Salesforce, Disney Call Options

A public disclosure report dated December 29 shows that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband, Paul Pelosi, spent between $500,001 and $1 million on 10 call options for Google parent company Alphabet, as well as up to $1.25 million on 130 call options for Salesforce.

Pelosi is giving a nod to technology stocks with the purchase of call options.

A call option is a contract that gives the option buyer the right to buy an asset at a specified price within a specific time period.

In this case, the price for the Alphabet stock is set at $2,000, and the price for the Salesforce stock is $210.

Pelosi’s husband also purchased 50 call options of Walt Disney Corporation. He spent between $100,001 and $250,000. The strike price of $130 expires September 16, 2022.

The transactions follow purchases made earlier this year.

On May 21, Pelosi’s husband spent up to $250,000 on 50 Apple call options that have a strike price of $100. They expire June 17, 2022. He also bought 20 Amazon call options at a price of up to $1 million.

The Amazon shares have a strike price of $3,000. They expire on June 17, 2022, according to the document.

Federal law requires members of Congress to report within 45 days after they or their spouses purchase or sell securities exceeding $1,000, along with a rough estimate of how much the transactions were worth, according to Market Watch.

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